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Why do you use HONGRUN series machine .Hongrun series machine have crusher, drier,moulding charcoal machine,carbonization furnace and can sucessive de

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Hongrun Machinery have crusher,drier,moulding charcoal machine,carbonization furnace dealing with material until finishing moulding charcoal products.

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Continuous Operation Wood ...

Wood chip rotary dryer is used widely for material drying. The drying cylinder has a certain angle against the horizontal level and rotates while running.

Charcoal Briquettes Machin ...

Charcoal briquettes machine can press and form/mould charcoal powder into square charcoal rod and cyclindrical charcoal bar, or charcoal rod with a hole in the middle.

Wood Sawdust Extruder Mach ...

Wood sawdust extruder machine is used to make sawdust into half-charcoal-stick.Wood sawdust extruder machine is used to make sawdust into half-charcoal-stick.

Environmental Friendly Saw ...

In order to reduce costs, we can recycle and reuse the flue gas generated by the sawdust extruder machine itself through purification system.

Shisha Charcoal Machine fo ...

Multi layers with different colors or other shaped Shisha charcoal also can be produced by Shisha charcoal making machine.

Peanut Shell Charcoal Maki ...

Peanut shell charcoal making machine creat a new-style energy which is renewable, environmental protection, and the final briquette is clean and low consumption.

who we are?

Hongrun machinery is specialized in manufacturing and exporting of charcoal products machines,which includes the crusher,dryer,rods mkaing machine and furnace with good quality,which is established in 1989 and located in located in Gongyi, China. With over 20-year development and innovation, hongrun has developed into a comprehensive enterprise with two branches, we have a strong team with the engineers and workers,which provide a strong technical support and guarantee for our products. you are sincerely welcomed to consult and visit us for starting a nice business trip!

what we do?

what we mainly produce are the charcoal production equipments, which involves the crushers,dryers and rods making machines,furnace and some other auxiliary equipments.The crushers have been exported to Russia, dubai,lebanon,kenya, tanzania and many African countries. our engineers team keep inproving our technology to make all the machines better then help the customers make more benefits from the machines. we test the machine in our factory when you really need it before you place the order or after to ensure the production of the machine,that is good for both of us.