dryer for agricultural wastes

agricultural wastes airflow dryer
The sawdust dryer is used to dehydrate wet sawdust into dry powdered or granular sawdust. The sawdust dryer consists of heating device, feeding device, transport device, discharge device, dust extraction device and other connecting parts.and the raw  materials coulde sawdust,rice husks,and peanut shell sawdust,wood branches sawdust,and some other agricultural wastes.

The composition of the machine
the airflow dryer is composed of the air pipes,hot stove,and fans,and dust collector cyclone.as you can see at the pics.for example the fans and pipes.

1. High drying strength due to highly dispersed of the sawdust in the hot gas stream, and the material gets fully dried.
2. Short drying time.
3. Simple structure, taking small floor area, simple construction and maintenance.
4. Large capacity, high thermal efficiency reaching 60% in case of drying non-bound water.
Working Principle:
Wet material is loaded from one head of the dryer, and then it is stirred by the bafflers that are uniformly distributed in the barrel. Material is uniformly distributed and dispersed in the dryer, fully contact the hot air of parallel (or counter) flow, so the drying process is expedited, and the impulsion power of media transfer is enhanced. During the drying process, material is under the effect of angled baffler and hot air, moves to the star shape unloader that is at the other head of the dryer.