Peanut Shells Extruder Machine

Model:            HR50B
Dimension:  1.8*0.8*1.6(M) 
Power:            18.5KW
Capacity:        300-320kg/h
Weight:           900kg
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The introduction of the extruder machine:
The peanut shell extruder machine is a rod forming machine used for charcoal production, which can press peanut shells ,bamboo, wood, shells, straw (besides stalk and wheat straw) and other waste powdery materials into into rod-like materials .

Customer visting and tesing the sawdust extruder machine:

The clients form Sudan,we test the machine with the bagasse,the quality of the rods caming out is with best quality.
the final products we test shows on the pics up
if you like it, please call me or test me via:

Welcome your inquiry! When you send us E-mail, please tell us the machine name you are interested and the raw material you have, so that we can recommend you with suitable machine and good price, thank you. 
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Machine Model      HR50A    HR50B       HR50C
Capacity 260-280kg/h 300-320kg/h 320-340kg/h
Power 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Output Products Diameter 50mm 50mm 80mm
Machine Dimension 1.7*0.75*1.35(m) 1.8*0.8*1.6(m) 1.85*0.75*1.45(m)
Weight 850kg 900kg 1000kg
Raw Materials Sawdust, wood chips, biomass, etc
Briquette Shape Round, square, hexagonal sticks with holes inside