Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Automatic powder packing machine adopts the most advanced microcomputer chip control in the world, a 5-inch large-screen LCD display, a simple and easy-to-use operation interface, with photoelectric eye tracking and detection, accurate sealing and cutting in two bags, optional coding machine and exhaust or inflation Set up.

The outside of the casing is made of 304 stainless steel, and the exposed parts are made of stainless steel except for spring copper sleeve cutters that are not suitable for stainless steel, which is suitable for more applications.

Scope of application:
Automatic powder granules packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of various granular materials such as granules, monosodium glutamate, oatmeal, desiccant, and three-in-one coffee, sesame paste, soy milk powder, jelly strip paste and other powder materials with good fluidity.


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