Paint Removing Machine Continuous Pyrolysis Furnace

Continuous carbonization furnace is a horizontal rotary carbonization machine employed to make charcoal powder (charcoal dust) from powdered raw material such as sawdust, wood chips, crushed straw, stalk, peanut shell, coconut shell, etc.
Continuous carbonization furnace can also be used to recycle and process electronic waste, such as aluminum cans paint removing, and realize the recycling of metals and pyrolysis the plastic into carbon, realizing the sorting of metal and plastic.


Applicable Materials for Continuous Carbonization Furnace:
1. Metal recycling: aluminum capacitor recycling, circuit board recycling, waste wire recycling 
2. Biomass carbonization: carbonization of biological wastes such as coconut shell, palm shell, hemp, sawdust and so on. 
3. Recycling waste clothes to make carbon powder particles

Continuous carbonization furnace belongs to an external heating drying and carbonization integrated machine. The flue gas generated in the entire production process is self-utilized, and the exhaust gas passes through the flue gas treatment device. The whole process does not pollute the environment after technical improvement.

The advantages of the upgraded version of double-layer continuous carbonization furnace:
The upgraded version of the continuous carbonization furnace with double layers of rotating inner tanks, the material is first heated in the first layer inner tank for a period of time, and then rotated into the second layer inner tank, so that the material is carbonized more fully and fast. In addition, the outermost three-dimensional square furnace body shell is covered with three layers of rock wool inside, so that the continuous carbonization furnace is more heat preservation and heat resistance.
The combustible gas produced by the double-layer continuous carbonization furnace during the carbonization process will pass through two spray pipes and two condensers through the pipeline, and finally enter the internal furnace again to help the stove continue carbonization. At this time, the external heat source can be removed. Such a design not only allows the flue gas to be purified well, but also enables the combustible gas to be recycled, which is more energy saving and environmentally friendly.

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Model Dimension of the host machine Power(kw) Processing capacity (kg/h)
HR-1000 1*10m 32 400-500
HR -1200 1.2*11.6m 45 800-1000
HR -1500 1.5*11.6m 55 1500
The capacity depends on the processed materials, and the relevant output needs to be confirmed according to the material situation.