Mr.Jonathan Heaton came again for checking his whole line euqipments on 12,Mar,2017

         Mr.Jonathan visit us again on 12,Mar,2017 to test and check for the main equipments in this line,the carbonization furnace(continuous type),the shisha charcoal pressing machine and the charcoal extruder machine.

         The first picture you can see he is taking photo from the windows of the furnace to see how it fire there:

         I expalin the electricial box of the furnace,the temperature shows here of the furnace inside and outside,and the function of other buttons.(the second picture)
         the third picture you can see, the charcoal powder cames out from there:
        The fourth one,we are testing the shisha charcoal pressing machine for him:

         Finally, we shipped all the equipments,totally five containers.

        if you like it and look for the same machines, you can contact me