Most Popular Material for Making Hookah Charcoal

Hookah charcoal has thousands of years of history originated in India, Arabia hookah originally from coconut shell and Cephalostachyum tube, mainly used vintage black tobacco smoking. Then gradually spread to the world of Arabia, was carried forward by the Arabs, became a royal and aristocratic luxury to enjoy. Some of the popular culture of the Middle East European artists and writers has become a famous Oriental scholar. They are in Turkey, Persia, Egypt, between the Arabia Peninsula and North Africa throughout the trip, and will bring Arabia hookah to mainland Europe, the other has some innovation (modified consists of glass bottles, metal tube) is more close to the contemporary people the aesthetic! Fruit wine and tea is like burning hookah, irresistible. Now when you go into the "cool" and many leisure bar or cafe will see a lamp of gorgeous hookah stands in the bar.

Coconut is the most popular material for making hookah charcoal in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia. Coconut shell hookah charcoal is a kind of compact massive carbon products. Compared with the common charcoal products, hookah charcoal has the higher burning calories. In addition, the coconut shell hookah charcoal is featured by low ash, smokeless, no smell as well as burning for long time! 
For making high grade hookah charcoal, the manufacturing will use 100% natural coconuts charcoal, while for some small factory they will add about 20% wood charcoal to mix with coconut charcoal together. After fully blended, they are processed by the hookah charcoal making machine
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