Technical Guidance of Carbonization Process of Carbonization Furnace

In the carbonization process , we must ensure the production process of sealing, the sealing heads to ensure raw material is very good of coking, if air leakage phenomenon during production, the coking in furnace will enter a large number of oxygen, oxygen suddenly increased, which can cause spontaneous, furnace pay great carbonized temperature rise too fast, will influence on the mechanism of charcoal fire out, such as a texture osteoporosis, easily broken, carbonized shapeless phenomenon, one of the most serious is to pay great excessive burning, burning into pieces, can increase mechanism charcoal machine production cost, lower the quality of mechanism charcoal machine production.

carbonization furnace
Carbide due to the technology is the core in the process of production, so the stand or fall of carbide is related to the mechanism of charcoal machine production line quality.Mechanism charcoal machine of coking process is divided into low exhaust temperature, high temperature calcination, cooling cooling three stages, each stage need to do a good job in coking furnace sealing for meticulous work, to guarantee the high quality production process, mechanism charcoal machine can make mechanism charcoal machine production more perfect.
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