Continuous Work Airflow Carbonization Furnace

Airflow carbonization furnace is our new invent, adopts the structure of unique air storage chamber, to fully reuse the smoke produced during the process of carbonization. And 60% of the redundant smoke can be used in drying and carbonizing, saving much fuel during the whole process, and increasing the enterprise revenue.
Airflow carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber, and the carbonization hearth adopts flexible installation with continuous work. A furnace can be equipped with several charring hearth which need no preheating when replacing it. 
Airflow carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment of carbonization furnace, the carbonization hearth is cooled outside the carbonization furnace, reasonable structure, thus it greatly improves the carbonization efficiency, saving the devices, labor and costs. 
Airflow carbonization furnace has the advantages of good sealing effect, simple structure and easy&safe operation. 
Airflow carbonization furnace use superheated steam cooling system, high cooling speed, charcoal of good quality, greatly shorten the production cycle, horizontal condenser recycled wood tar.