Safety Precautions of Rotating Type Shisha Charcoal Machine

Do not install the operation and maintenance until you have read this manual carefully and can use it properly.

After familiarizing yourself with the machine's knowledge, safety information, and all related precautions, in this manual, the safety levels are classified as “dangerous” and “attention”.
Dangerous conditions caused by improper operation will result in serious damage to people and equipment.
Dangerous conditions caused by incorrect operation will result in general or minor injury or damage to the equipment hardware!
❶when the machine is running, please do not open the electricity box,Otherwise, it is easy to get an electric shock
❷Inspection and maintenance of electrical lines should be operated by professional technicians
❸When the device is running, please do not open the glass window and touch the moving parts.
❹Reverse is strictly prohibited! ! ! If the appliance is repaired, it should be jogged to make the handwheel turn in the same direction as the arrow.

❶When transporting the equipment, please use the correct lifting tool and carry it in the direction of the arrow shown in the box. Do not invert it to prevent damage.
❷Equipment must not fall or be subjected to strong impact.
❸Place indoor dry place, not near flammable materials
❹After the upper mold is installed, lower the tongue; after the lower mold is installed, make sure the round cover is covered well.
❺Upper and lower pressure wheel shafts add grease once per shift

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