Common Failures and Troubleshooting Methods of Rotary Shisha Charcoal Machine

Rotary shisha charcoal machine could press round and abnormal shape tablets of various specifications, and its output configuration and functions have been improved to a higher level than the traditional tablet press.

Below are the common failures and troubleshooting methods of rotary shisha charcoal machine.

1. Upper and lower pressure wheels and shafts alternate: oil breakage and wear of pressure wheels and shafts, slight wear and tear, refueling after repair. For serious wear and tear, replace immediately.
2. Wear on track:
2.1 Dry grinding caused by oil breakage causes slight damage to track surface, which should be repaired in time and replaced seriously.
2.2 The lubrication between the track and the punch rod with poor oil quality can only be selected by oil lubrication, and 30 # gear oil or air compressor oil can be selected. Brush is applied once before starting the machine.
2.3 If there is too much dust, the suspension impact will occur, which will lead to rail wear, the granulation process should be changed to ensure that the powder content of particles (more than 100 meshes) does not exceed 10%.
3. The difference of film weight exceeded the standard.
3.1 The feeder is worn out or incorrectly installed. Please change the wear of the feeder. If the installation is inappropriate, adjust it in time.
3.2 Die problems, check the total length of the upper and lower punch rods, if beyond the tolerance range, then stop using.

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