Welcome to China and Visit Our Factory!

Recently, the Chinese government has optimized the prevention and control policy of Covid-19 infection. From January 8, 2023,the new regulations for Chinese and foreign personnel is implemented.The test results after the entry are positive and no longer require centralized isolation.
After Chinese Spring Festival, The pace of re -production and production accelerated from all over China is accelerating, the order of production and life is gradually recovering, and the social activity is being released, and the state of recovery before the epidemic is just around the corner. 
Welcome to China and visit our factory!
Hongrun series machine have wood crusher, sawdust dryer, charcoal moulding machine, carbonization furnace and can sucessive deal with material until finishing moulding charcoal products. The raw materials of finishing moulding charcoal products come from wood, coconut shell, bamboo, straw, grain shell and so on. Welcome to enquiry!