Hongrun Four Carbonization Furnaces Exported to Malaysia

On Aug 29, 2023, Hongrun four single tank carbonization furnaces exported to Malaysia.
Single tank carbonization furnace is our latest carbonization equipment, which is a tank-type dry distillation carbonization stove. It has big diameter, large capacity, simple operation and wide application for charcoal raw materials. And before the carbonization, the raw material can be shaped briquettes or shapeless material such as wood logs, wood strips, etc. It can also use for the raw wood carbonization.
We also have different kinds of carbonization furnace, such as Continuous Carbonization Furnace, Non-Smoke Charcoal Retort Kiln, Biochar Stove Machine, etc.
Hongrun series machine have crusher, dryer, carbonization furnace, charcoal molding machine which can sucessive deal with material until finishing molding charcoal products. 
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