4 questions to be aware of when cleaning the pulverizer

Overhaul maintenance of wood shredder

1. Pay attention to the repair and replacement of the screen. The screen is made of thin steel plate punched. When the screen is worn or broken by foreign matter, if the damage is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering; if the area is damaged, the new screen should be replaced. When the screen is installed, the burr side of the screen hole should face downward with the light side facing upwards, which facilitates the discharge of the pulverized material, and the screen and the screen frame should be closely attached. When the ring screen is in the device, the lap of the lap should be in the direction of rotation to prevent the material from getting stuck at the lap joint.

 2, when the wood shredder replaces the blade, the cutter shaft above the disc should be removed first. First remove the nut on the back of the disc and pull it out in the horizontal direction. In order to ensure the balance of the rotor operation, you should pay attention to the complete set of replacement when changing the blade. After the replacement, static balance test should be done to make the grinder work stably. The blade of the blade mill has a symmetrical shape. When the sharp corner of the blade is blunt, it can be used on the opposite side; if both corners are worn, the head should be used. When adjusting or adjusting the head, all the blades should be carried out at the same time. After the four corners of the blade are worn, all the blades should be replaced, and the weight difference of each group of hammers should not be 5 grams; the spindle, disc, positioning sleeve, pin shaft and blade are installed. Static balance tests should be performed to maintain rotor balance and prevent unit vibration from affecting production.

 3. After checking the screen, you need to check the lubrication of the bearing and whether it needs to be replaced. The bearings should be cleaned after every 300 hours of operation of the mill. If the bearing is oil lubricated, it is advisable to add 1/3 of the clearance of the bearing housing when adding new oil. Just do not tighten the cap of the capped oil cup a little before the operation. When the crusher bearing is seriously worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time, and pay attention to strengthen the lubrication; the use of tapered roller bearings should pay attention to check the axial spacing of the bearing to keep it 0.2-0.4 mm. If there is discomfort, it can increase or decrease the bearing. Cover the paper pad to adjust.

  4. What needs to be checked is whether there is a problem with the blade. Among the pulverizing parts, the blade of the pulverizer is a wearing part in the wood pulverizer, and is also the main component affecting the pulverizing quality and productivity. After pulverizing and wearing, it should be replaced in time. If both sides have serious wear, a complete set of replacement is required, the same Blade quality and size ensure the balance of the equipment to avoid vibration.