the production drawing line for American clients in 12,Mar,2017

The drawing line for the coconut charcoal, it was drawed by our engineer for our clients Jonathan heaton form America.
           Jon visit us on 16,Oct,2016 to see our roary continuous furnace and some other forming machines,they have the coconut shells and woods tree branches for making the charcoal hexagon shapes charcoal for cooking, and also making the shisha charcoal for exporting to middle east countries,as we all know,the Arabics like shisha very much.
            this drawing line was modified 2-3 times to make it perfect,as you can see there are also the portable wheel belt conveyors to assit this line to be continuous smoothly.this whole line includes the 22 parts, which is starting from the shredder machines,which you can see the working line clearly from the above pics.
            we also add one more portable belt conveyors after the roatry dryer,before the feeding screw conveyor .cause as we all know,the ratio of the sawdust and charcoal is 3:1, so the sawdust coming out form the dryer is too much for the furnace, so actualy the clients need to dig the big hole to hold the sawdust or coconut shell pieces,then use the portable belt conveyors to make it perfect. and nowadays, they are setting up all the machines there to testing all the machines.

 the first time when they comes in our factory on 16,Oct,2017
     our engineers are explaining to them all the details of the rotary continuours furnace,for how to dry the sawdust at the beginning ,how to recycle the combustible gas to the bottom of the furnace,and the coolin parts.
the second time (12,Mar,2017-15,Mar,2017)
visiting us  to check and testing some main mahcines in our facory,expecially for our rotary furnace: 

      fist for the continuous furnace, he is taking photos of how it fires there form the windows.
Explain the temperature shows in the electrical box,and also we test the furnace,it works very well, the final rice husks charcoal, it is very good.
Applying the COC for all the equipments:the staff form the SGS came and check the equipments here in our factory,and also the inspect and supervise to load:
Deliverying the goods on 6,May,2017

Total 5 containers

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