Charcoal Powder Forming Production Line

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Charcoal Forming Process

charcoal forming process diagram

Putting all kinds of carbon containing raw material into carbonization furnace

all kinds of charcoal material---charcoal powder crusher---charcoal powder----spiral conveyor---mixer---charcoal molding machine---product

Raw materials are fed into the straw crusher or cutter crusher to get raw material crushed. Get the crushed material carbonized in the environmental carbonization furnace, after 4-6 hours, users get the charcoal powder. The next step is the key step in charcoal forming process, the charcoal powder is formed by different charcoal forming machine which includes tablet machine, bar machine, charcoal molding machine and briquette machine.

Charcoal Forming Process
1. The raw material can be all kinds of carbon-bearing biomass (eg: wood waste, straw, twigs, rich husk, nutshell, peanut shell, etc.), which shall be grinded into particles (diameter: within 3mm).
2. Put crushed biomass into continuous carbonization furnace for anaerobic carbonization, and the organics, tar and moisture contained in the biomass are all carbonized during anaerobic firing process. After cooling, users can get charcoal powder.
3. Then transport charcoal powder into grinding wheel mixer for fully mixing and wetting.
4. Put the mixed charcoal into different charcoal forming machine to get charcoals of wanted shapes.

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