Wood Branches Charcoal Rod Making Machine

Hongrun wood branches charcoal rod making machine more than 30kind of materials can be as raw materials, such as wood sawdust, rice hull, peanut shell, bamboo sawdust, wood branch, plant straw, tobacco/tea/wheat waste, etc.

Wood Branches Charcoal Rod Making Machine
If you want charcoal rod making, please mentioned below in your enquiry. 
1. Raw material Max length, Diameter (mm)
2. Humidity %
3. Final size required (mm)
4. Capacity (kg/hr)
5. Local Voltage V/HZ
6 .Other requirement on the machines
Hongrun is a professional charcoal rod making machine supplier. We design charcoal rod making machine by our own innovative ideas, innovate charcoal rod making machine, improve design process, greatly improved the production capacity, thus provide cost-effective charcoal rod making machine and professional technical guide to our customers. 
With excellent durability, best service, Hongrun charcoal rod making machine get praise at home and abroad, and our products has exported to the United States, Pakistan, Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and European Union. 
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