Biomass Briquette Machine for Making Clean and Green Fuel

Biomass briquette machine is the machine which can  press the biomass sawdust into regular shapes according to high temperature and pressure,the biomass could be any kinds of agricultural wastes, like the popcorns,corn stalks, rice husks, rice stalks, wheat straws......

Biomass Briquette Machine
Working principle of biomass briquette machine:
1.Briquetting is a process that biomass is compressed under high pressure and high temperature.
2.The self bonding of biomass to form a briquette involves the  plastic flow of the biomass. The lignin content that occurs naturally in biomass is liberated under high pressure and temperature. Lignin serves as the glue in the briquetting process, thus binding, compressing the biomass to form into high density briquettes. 
3. During this process, no binder needs to be used. So the output briquette is a type of clean and green fuel that is ideal for use in furnaces, boilers and open fires. The density of the briquettes is 900-1400kg/m.
After we get the regular sticks, we can burn them directly for cooking, cause after the high pressure, the density will increase a lot, the buring time will last longer.
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