Wood Cutting Size Adjusted Portable Wood Chipper

Portable wood chipper can process raw materials mainly include wood, branches, branches, straw, bamboo pole slices, wood, small Branches, leaves, bark, bamboo sticks, bamboo leaves, feed, chemical raw materials and other materials crushed.
Portable wood chipper is made of thickened steel. The cutter head of the machine is debugged through dynamic balance to ensure stable operation and long service life.
The user can select the appropriate production portable wood chipper according to their needs, the wood cutting size can also be adjusted according to the needs of the guest. 
Portable wood chipper are widely apply for paper mills, power plants, edible fungi raw materials processing, Mechanism charcoal raw materials processing, wood-based panels, chemical raw materials, landscaping, biological organic fertilizer, aquaculture and other small and medium enterprises and personal garden use.
With excellent durability, best service, Hongrun portable wood chipper get praise at home and abroad, and has been exported to the United States, Pakistan, Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and European Union. 
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