Wood Powder Grinding Machine Output for Different Raw Materials

Wood powder grinding machine is the wood powder processing equipment. Wood powder grinding machine can be crushed to produce high-strength materials, the impact force, compression force, cutting force, friction effect, it is the machine-to-fiber material has a unique fragmentation functions.

Wood powder grinding machine is suitable for: wood powder, wood chaff, bamboo powder, chestnut skin powder, elm wood powder, wood grain of wood skin, grain of camphor, wood powder cedar, wood powder shrimp, skin powder, octagon powder of Chinese prickly asH, chili powder, pepper purified, cotton feather, feather terrier, straw wheat, bran rice, hull stick, wood potato, dross cassava herbal, fish cake, kind of sanshui magnesium silicate and all fibres material crushing process.

Wood powder grinding machine has different output for different raw materials. Many friends who are new to this machine not particularly clear, so it is easy to get the wrong understanding of this machine; in a word, the same fine processing needs, poplar and cedar two materials are passing When the fragrant wood powder is processed, the yield is very different. This is because poplar and cedar wood are different; this is only analyzed from different angles of wood. If the feed size is different, the same yield will not be the same. The following is a comparison table of different wood yields:

Raw materials Poplar sawdust Pine sawdust Cypress sawdust
Time(hour) 1 1 1
Fineness(mesh) 80 80 80
Output(kg) <300 <260 <260
Moisture(%) <15 <15 <18

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