Maintenance of Carbonization Furnace

Environmental protection continuous carbonization furnace is still the use of gasification carbonization principle, the use of advanced smoke-free environmentally friendly carbonization process: the entire equipment from the gasification system (gasifier, spray tower, dust collector), purification system Leach, oil and water separator, filter), carbonization system (carbonized host, screw feeder, screw feeder, cooling machine, conveyor, finished cooling warehouse), control system (control cabinet), the entire carbonization process for automated production, automated operation.
In the entire carbonization process, it must finish in strict accordance with the charcoal operating regulation which the carbonization manufacture teaches to reduce malfunction of manual operation.
Maintain the carbonization furnace regularly, like dynamo, quick-wear parts, repair of the key components and so on, and end problems in the usual operation.
Pay attention to the dynamo and safety in production. Dynamo is operated according to power 380V which manufactures supply. Safety in production is preventing the output charcoal from spontaneous combustion, and place the carbonization furnace in a well-ventilated place. 
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