First Step of Making Charcoal

Tree branch wood crusher is suitable for crushing raw wood with size less than 230mm (diameter). After milled, the output size can reach diameter 3-5mm, which is suitable for man-made charcoal. It is the first step of making charcoal.

Tree branch wood crusher adopt high-carbon alloy steel blade, take high speed bold wind sucking type crushing system, and show the features of stable performance, wear well, wide crushing materials, uniform crushing particle size and superior crushing effect.
Available Raw materials for tree branch wood crusher:
Sawdust, wood chips, wood logs, tree branch, wheat straw, peanut-shell, rice husk, sugar cane bagasse, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower seed husk, sunflower stalk, reeds, cotton plant stem, tobacco waste, mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, palm husk, soybeans husk and many other agro and forest wastes.
Hongrun series machine have crusher, drier, molding charcoal machine, carbonization furnace and can successive deal with material until finishing molding charcoal products. If you are interested in any kind of charcoal making equipments, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you best service. 
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