Rotary Shisha Charcoal Machine with Electric Lubrication Pump

Rotary shisha charcoal machine is the high-tech efficient shisha charcoal machine, it can press the mixed charcoal powder into two kinds of shape, cubic and round tablets. And also you can add logo on it, like A,R,S…
The control part of rotary shisha charcoal machine adopts PLC and the operation panel adopts color touch screen display to provide casual and simple operation.
Fully closed transparent windows are used at the work area with little dust pollution and good sealing performance. Parts are made of stainless steel or subject to special surface treatment to avoid cross contamination, conforming to GMP requirements.
Rotary shisha charcoal machine equipment lubrication part adopts electric lubrication pump, measurement and other automatic lubrication system, can supply the oil to the part which has a relative friction movement, such as the upper and lower rail, punch roller, punch and role of rotary table, and can according to the actual work needs in a timely manner on the touch screen to adjust the lubrication of frequency and time, in order to obtain the best lubricating effect, reduce noise, prolong the life of parts.
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