Rotary Tablet Press Machine with Customized Mold

Rotary tablet press machine is used to make different kinds of granular materials compressed into flake, the advantage is not only can suppress the shaped pieces of various geometric shapes, double-layer tablets, ring-chip and double lettering pieces but also can suppress the round-chip piece. 
The pressing area of an improved type of rotary tablet press machine is sealed with four polymethyl methacrylate doors to be isolated with outside environment. 
The turntable of rotary tablet press machine is high quality stainless constructions with fine workmanship and durability. Mold can be changed and customized.
During operation, the depth of filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. 
Hongrun series machine have automatic counting machine, packing machine, and laminating machine deal with the shisha charcoal tablets until ready to sell. We also sell shisha charcoal tablets. Welcome to enquiry.