Briquetting machine performance

The structure and principle of performance / briquetting machine
The main type of briquetting machine is on the roll forming machine (i.e. briquette machine),
The utility model relates to a cylindrical wheel with a pair of axes parallel to each other and having the same diameter,There are many shape and size of the same type, the rules of the hemisphere nest, the wheel is the main components of the molding machine.Briquetting machine can suppress coal coke and carbon products, molding can be suppressed by using iron powder and various sponge iron powder.
Technical parameters / briquetting machine
Molding pressure 300t
host power: 22KW output: 3600 pieces /
hour equipment weight: 15t
shape size: 2200*2300*2850mm
The structure and principle of performance / briquetting machine
1, the machine adopts multi position mechanism, make cloth, pressing, demoulding in turn.
2, the transmission mechanism adopts the three transmission, double crank strong pressing, high speed drive shaft friction, clutch and flywheel device to overload protection and energy storage.
3, the motor using self coupling step-down start to ensure the normal operation of the motor.
4, the machine running speed, high yield and easy operation, replacement of mold can produce specifications in diameter (phi 85- Phi 150mm) coal range, coke and other special-shaped products.
The molding machine is the key equipment of coal forming process, its structure is reasonable or not directly affects the quality of briquette.
Driven by the motor, the two wheels rotate at the same speed and in the opposite direction,
When the material falls between the two round at the combination to compression, and materials between the corresponding two ball volume compression;Wheel type continuous rotation, and gradually closed, briquette equipment pressure gradually increases, when the rotating two hour distance from the ball forming pressure reaches the maximum.Then type wheel to rotate and gradually separated, with the molding pressure decreases rapidly.When the molding pressure is reduced to zero, pressed briquette has expanded from.The relation curve between the molding pressure and the compression rate of coal machinery is also called the forming characteristic curve, it provides a theoretical basis for the design of the molding machine.

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