In addition to barbecue charcoal, charcoal and those areas of investment

In addition to barbecue charcoal, charcoal and those areas of investment/Hongrun machinery charcoal machine

Hongrun machinery charcoal machine speaking of charcoal production, we will think about the mechanism of charcoal barbecue, but I do not know, in addition to the mechanism of carbon, charcoal and other forms and uses, we will briefly introduce the following:
1, the use of charcoal in the field of life/Hongrun machinery charcoal machine:
Charcoal/Hongrun machinery charcoal machine is well known, with a charcoal grill, especially mechanism charcoal, because of its high-temperature refining, it is smokeless, non-toxic, no smell, burning and explosion of Mars, low ash, high calorie, long burning time and other advantages, more and more people of all ages. Also by charcoal producers like investment.
2, the application of charcoal in the industrial field/Hongrun machinery charcoal machine:
The use of charcoal unique microporous structure and super adsorption capacity. The industrial Hongrun machinery charcoal machine use of charcoal for food, medicine, wine, oil, water purification, recovery of precious metals, adsorption, stripping, odor, and environmental aspects of gas purification, sewage treatment and so on.
3, the application of charcoal/Hongrun machinery charcoal machine in the field of agriculture:
Is the so-called carbon powder
 ①、As the black carbon particles can absorb solar heat, improve the soil temperature, so as to promote seed germination;
②、Due to the adsorption capacity of the carbon, the surface of the carbon can be generated Rhizobium bacteria, thereby improving the soil; in addition, can maintain soil moisture;
③、Can be used as pesticide and fertilizer slow-release agent, to maintain the balance of the two, so that the slow release of the two, it is not easy to drain with the rain;
④、The acidity and alkalinity of the soil can also play a role in improving the carbon dioxide content, adsorption of harmful toxins in the soil, improve soil microbial activity.
4, the application of charcoal in the field of animal husbandryHongrun machinery charcoal machine:
With the function of adsorption odor charcoal, it filled the barn, can improve the growth of livestock and poultry deodorization, environment, promote the growth of livestock and poultry. Carbon powder can also enhance livestock digestive ability, add a small amount of carbon powder in feed, can accelerate livestock growth, improve the quality of meat and milkHongrun machinery charcoal machine.

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