Structure and working principle of grain dryer machine

Structure and working principle of grain dryer machine

Grain after cleaning, by the elevator to the tower, the grain storage section, preheating, tempering, drying, tempering and cooling section during the drying process, to meet the requirements of the water, the discharging section discharged out of the machine, by the end of the conveyor into the barn.
Characteristics of countercurrent grain dryer

Counter current grain drying machine.High moisture corn after harvest in winter, because of its high humidity and low temperature,With flow drying, the heat efficiency is high, the exhaust gas is almost saturated;And when the temperature of the food has risen to 30 degrees Celsius, moisture content of less than 22%, the use of countercurrent drying, can continue to high efficiency precipitation.By using countercurrent cooling to ensure grain heat slow cooling, fully cooling, prevent cooked food. Two, drying - tempering of grain drying set after the tempering period is very necessary. In the tempering period does not supply hot air, heat balance of grain itself to internal heat conduction, surface,The water transfer to the surface, the tempering process of energy saving, and ensure food quality, avoid crazing, reduce drying after breaking .

Variable temperature drying
At present, most of the grain dryer on the market is supplied by a large fan to the dryer.The temperature of the grain in the dryer is increased with the drying process, while the moisture is decreasing;Counter current grain dryer through a main wind to the wind after a number of reasonable, so that the highest temperature of hot air and the most wet food contact,The lowest air temperature and low moisture grain contact, the air supply temperature varies with the drying temperature and moisture.This is determined according to the law of grain moisture transfer, which is beneficial to energy saving and grain quality.
Unique funnel ventilation section

Funnel design is the ventilation section have great originality flow grain dryer special device,its role is to make the hot air and the tide of the full and uniform contact mixing.The grain in the clockwise through the dryer in more than seven hours, the drying temperature is a precipitation process, gentle and slow to achieve efficient, low consumption, energy saving, high quality.

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