What is the process of making Arabia hookah?

What is the process of making Arabia hookah?
Special mechanical equipment Hongrun new charcoal machine equipment auxiliary products pressing carbon powder molding machine machine is the production of Arabia hookah. Shisha charcoal press we Hongrun using new technology and advanced production equipment, high-quality products, and excellent quality and exquisite craft to be customers.
The material can be carbon powder, coal powder, after screening, flavored edible adhesive home after charcoal machine single pressure pressing machine will be all kinds of powder materials are pressed into the circular, square and other special-shaped tablets.This is the Arabia hookah charcoal production process. The production of adjustable Shisha charcoal tablets size according to the requirements of the size, strength and hardness are according to customer requirements to production, the operation is simple and convenient.Hookah charcoal produced is easy to ignite, burning smoke-free non-toxic tasteless, mostly for church incense and lit by the Arabs hookah, Shisha charcoal appearance with exquisite packaging, can meet the domestic market demand.

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