Coconut shell charcoal carbonization furnace

Coconut shell charcoal carbonization furnace
In order to adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign, especially in Southeast Asian countries carbonized coconut shell, our company's first R & D and production of a new dedicated coconut shell carbonization furnace.Through nearly three years of practice in Southeast Asia, we have proved that the production of carbonized furnace feed, easy to produce carbon, fast ignition, uniform carbonization, high yield, coconut shell carbon content of up to more than 86%, favored by users.Coconut shell charcoal stove in coconut shell, apricot shell can also spades, carbonization, peanut kernels, shell material.
operational principle
Coconut shell (shell) ignition in the carbonization furnace closed. Oxygen combustion, at a high temperature, to thermal decomposition, to produce combustible gas, tar and coconut shell carbon black.
Technological process:Coconut shell (block <100mm), broken furnace (stacked), ignition, fire, close to heating carbonization, bagging and finished product library released.
Structure characteristics:The feed port is arranged on the top of the furnace, convenient feeding, feed quantity;The utility model relates to a special discharging tool, which can speed up the carbon output and reduce the labor intensity of workers;Rapid cooling device, shorten the carbonization cycle, improve production.

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