Wood crusher crushing efficiency puzzle

Wood crusher crushing efficiency puzzle
1.Wood crusher as wood for two processing is of great help.It speeds up work and saves human capital.For wood crusher, want it to run continuously efficient use. You have to know what components of its composition, as well as the daily maintenance of these components of the importance of wood crusher can be imagined.A good wood grinder not only saves you a lot of time but also reduces labor costs.

2.Wood crusher mainly by the rotor, the upper body, the lower body composed of three parts.The efficiency of the rotor depends on the motor, a good motor can be said to be the soul of the crusher, nor too.The next is the grinding room, the quality of the blade to crush the wood crusher also affect the efficiency of wood.

3.So pay attention to the daily situation of wood crusher;

4.Wood mill at the base to be firm, shaking can not shake dynamic.

5.Wood crusher signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to boot.

6.Wood grinder scraper and screws must be together, responsible will lead to broken and hurt. Scraper Motor, speed reducer, hydraulic coupling and other wood mill composed of connecting piece firmly, not shaking dynamic. We should pay attention to these components can not leak, oil should be appropriate.

7.Near the head of the timber mill no debris, dust to the timely processing of the market.

When the wood crusher boot, listen to the sound of the motor speed abnormal sound appears, scraper, chain, connecting rings and other devices to see if there is no deformation, loose situation; The connection line between the conveyor head and tail of the loader timber mill should be reasonable, not around the selection of quality loss will increase the complexity of the blade or not, but also directly related to the shape and forming grinding efficiency out of the wood material.Wood crusher common blades are movable knife, is fixed with screws.Daily use of the machine, feel the efficiency of smashing wood is not high, cut out the wood is not how good, then you first thought is that the blade may blunt you.Replace the blade to see if the effect is good, stop the machine.Continue to cycle, until the blade blade completely blunt position.

Know what factors affect the wood grinder, as well as some correction method. You can easily control the wood crusher, make it serve you, improve the efficiency of wood crushing, so that the life of the machine increases.

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