Application range of special sawdust crusher for edible fungi

Application range of special sawdust crusher for edible fungi
Edible mill sawdust special bacteria called edible mushroom special sawdust machine, can be a variety of wood, wood scraps, tree branches, wood, plate material, bark, bamboo, bamboo leather and other raw materials processed into a square wood.The utility model has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefit, convenient use and maintenance, etc..The square wood, crushed uniform specifications, thickness adjustable advantages. The structure of the whole device is simple, compact layout, low price, stable operation, low energy consumption, high yield, good product quality square wood, low processing cost.
Structure and operating principle and characteristics of sawdust crusher for edible fungi
1, turn on the power to see whether the steering is correct.
2, changing the cutter, cutter blade out of plane 2 - 4mm, and then tighten the bolts. If the pressure bolt thread wear, should be replaced immediately, and with sliding knife wheel nut.
3, change the knife's degree of expansion, must be consistent with the extension knife length.
4, by adjusting the knife length, particles reach less than ideal, change the different diameter of the sieve.
5, prohibited entrainment of stone, nails into the machine wood, in order to prevent the broken knife and the inside pieces.
6, pay attention to check hammer piece bolt, found loose, immediately tighten, hammer piece and bolt wear serious, should be replaced.
7, 28 - 30 for linear sharpening angle degrees, is strictly prohibited to convex, convex steel blade will lead to detachment or removing the part of steel.
8, often use the machine should check whether the lack of bearing grease. Should be 3 - 4 hours filling butter a grease is not too much.
usage method
1, this machine is used, not change the power and speed of grinding angle, keeping the original line 28 to 30 degrees.
2, change the particle, need to change, adjust the knife at the same time, the minimum hole is not less than 10mm (diameter), the maximum is not greater than 20mm (diameter), adjust the knife length between 3 - 6mm, the bottom knife plate and knife clearance is not greater than 1mm.
3, the function powder diameter 3cm - 20cm below the wood into granular.

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