Feeder selection of BBQ charcoal equipment

Feeder selection of BBQ charcoal equipment
Hopper feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment, feeding quantity measured by spiral speed controller, by changing the speed of the motor, thereby changing the feeding flow.Because of the change of the material level, the filling coefficient of the screw is different, so the feeding accuracy is relatively low, but the work environment is not high, the control part is simple, and the price is low.The gravity feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment, by gravity sensor, the signal is sent to the weighing control instrument, weighing control instrument by the frequency converter to change the motor speed, thus changing the feeding flow.Because the gravity sensor can change the amount of material in the machine to the weighing controller, the material flow always fluctuates around the set value.But no vibration of the working environment, and the price is more expensive. According to the production requirements, the feeding accuracy requirement is high, the working environment without vibration, can choose the gravity feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment, especially for the amount of change with the mainstream quantity fluctuation, must use the gravity feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment.On the other hand, the volume of feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment.The feed screw to choose according to the material selection spiral feeder of BBQ charcoal equipment, powder material properties mainly refers to the bulk density, thickness, moisture content, fluidity, some materials include heat sensitive, moisture absorption, anti extrusion and so on, to determine the feed screw to form, and whether with material turning mechanism.Double screw for the poor mobility of the material. The feeding by two to screw meshing, screw screw narrow, screw groove width, when the material is along the spiral shaped channel for forward delivery.The side of a screw screw top opening to stabilize the tangential relative sliding and scraping a spiral, can scrape the material layer on the interface, therefore, double screw feed with high precision, good self-cleaning performance, but the price is high, and there is little effect on material extrusion.The single screw is suitable for the material with good fluidity, in general, the packing density of the material is more than 0.5kg/l, the thickness is not less than 0.5mm, and the material with low moisture content can be used.Spiral spring for materials with poor liquidity, afraid of extrusion, high heat sensitive materials. Usually the pile density is less than 0.5 kg/l, particle size of less than 0.01mm, high water content material can be used.The paddle type screw is suitable for the material with high moisture content, small bulk density and large particle size.

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