What is the mechanism of charcoal, what are the characteristics?

What is the mechanism of charcoal, what are the characteristics mechanism  charcoal?
The mechanism of charcoal is sawdust, peanut shell, corn stalk, rice husk, bagasse, lees, bamboo chips, such as waste, after drying, high temperature and high pressure process, pressed into a round or square edge, with holes Xinbang, then put it into the carbonization furnace (kiln) in the distillation of a black substance.Compared with ordinary charcoal, with a strong density, high carbon content, heat, ash less, smokeless, tasteless, burning time is long (4 times for ordinary carbon).
What materials can be used to produce mechanism charcoal?
Generally speaking, rural rice husk, peanut shell, shell, cotton stalk, bean stalk, hemp stalk, corn stalk, corn core; bagasse sugar refinery; furniture factory, furniture factory, plant bamboo sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo and wood scraps; three plywood factory scrap, fine wood factory; reed. Small branches, leaves and so can be used as a mechanism for charcoal production of raw materials.
Mechanism charcoal market how?
For the industrial sector is mainly metallurgical chemical industry, such as activated carbon factory, silicon carbide factory, smelting silicon plant, steel plant, two vulcanized carbon factory, explosives factory, mosquito plant, thermal insulation material factory and other fields. For agriculture, animal husbandry, catering industry, life heating, barbecue, hot pot etc.
What are the advantages of series charcoal rod machine?
(1) output: using the improved screw propeller and super abrasion forming sleeve. (2) stable performance: feed the whole cast cast, super wear-resistant, pressure. Adding "preformed" device of bunker, extrusion bar density adjustable rod forging, surface smooth, shiny, selection of raw materials more extensive. (3) energy: This machine adopts automatic device, time saving, labor saving, labor saving and safety. (4): electrical part is provided with a y- reduced voltage starting device, can be used to protect the safety of electrical appliances, very good.
Mechanism charcoal plant which is appropriate?
In order to build general factory as the center, 50 km radius around there is sufficient raw material place is appropriate, in addition also have to consider the transportation of raw materials of low cost, reduce the production cost. In order to reduce the cost of transportation can be set up in the regional concentration of raw material processing pay rod (Ban Chengpin), then they will be transported to the centralized mechanism charcoal plant carbonization, to achieve cost savings, increase profits.

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