Solution of crusher blockage

Solution of crusher blockage
Crusher clogging is one of the common faults in the grinder. There may be some problems in the design of the machine tools, but more due to improper operation.
(1) feeding speed is too fast, load increases, resulting in blockage.In the process of feeding, pay attention to the current table pointer deflection angle, if exceed the rated current, that motor overload long time overload, will damage the motor.This situation should immediately reduce or close the discharge door, can also change the feed way, by increasing the feeder to control the feeding amount. The feeder is a manual, automatic two, users should choose the right feeder according to the actual situation.Because the pulverizer speed is high, the load is big, and the load fluctuation is strong, therefore, the pulverizer work current generally controls in the rated current 85%.
(2), the outlet pipe is not smooth or blocked feeding too fast, will make the mill air plug;And the conveying device mismatch will cause the discharge pipeline wind weakened or calm after blocked.Find out the fault, should first send clear export transportation equipment, do not change, adjust the feeding amount, the normal operation of the equipment.
(3), hammer pieces, aging, screen hole closed, rags, crushing the material moisture content is too high will make the mill jam.Should be regularly updated and broken aging hammer crusher, to maintain a good working condition, and regularly check the screen,Crushed material moisture content should be less than 14%, so that not only can improve production efficiency, but also do not plug the grinder, enhance the reliability of the grinder work.

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