Hongrun mechanical Solutions of breakdown

Hongrun mechanical Solutions of breakdown
Vibration mill generally uses the motor directly connected crushing device, this connection is simple, easy to repair, but if the assembly process can not be very good connection, it will cause the overall vibration grinder.
(1), the motor rotor and the rotor are not concentric. Left, right to move the position of the motor, or on the motor foot pad is added below the two, in order to adjust the concentricity of the rotor.
(2), the rotor is not concentric. The reason is that the 2 palmar bearing surface of the rotor shaft is not in the same plane. The bottom surface of the bearing pad copper, or increase the wedge adjustable bearing in the bottom, by 2 concentric shaft to ensure.
(3), part of the crushing chamber vibration. The reason is connected with the internal rotor coupling misalignment or rotor hammer quality is not uniform. Coupling can take the appropriate method to adjust the coupling with the motor according to the different types of couplings: when the hammer of uneven quality, should be re elected with each hammer. The hammer is symmetrical, the hammer symmetry error less than 5G.
(4) the original balance is damaged. The motor must be repaired after dynamic balancing test to ensure the overall balance.
(5), mill system anchor bolt loose or solid foundation, in the installation or maintenance, evenly fastening bolt, between foundation and mills, to reduce the vibration damping device.
(6), hammer broken or crushed indoor hard debris. All these will cause the imbalance of the rotor rotation, caused by machine vibration. Therefore, to regularly check for wear hammer serious. At the time of replacement, to replace the symmetry; appear mill running in the abnormal sound, should immediately stop check. To find the cause in a timely manner.
(7) the grinder system is not in conformity with other equipment. For example, the feeding pipe, the discharge pipe and other improper connection, will cause vibration and sound, therefore, these connections, should not use hard connection, it is best to use soft connection.

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