environmental carbonization furnace equipment

Analysis of the characteristics and working principle of the environmental carbonization furnace equipment
The environmental protection carbonization furnace equipment is composed of gasification furnace, flue gas purification system, carbonization machine, cooling machine four major equipment:Environmental protection: do not cut down the trees, and utilization of organic waste production, and the production of ordinary charcoal to waste. The felling of trees, the destruction of the ecological environment. Clean: flammable, smokeless, no burning charcoal, no spark, during the combustion of residual ash fall naturally not float ash, 3% or about 6% of residual ash after combustion.High energy: fixed carbon content of more than 80%, the calorific value of 7500-8000kcal/kg, while the low carbon content of charcoal, calorific value of about 6500kcal/kg。Low moisture content, less than 5%: ordinary charcoal water content。The product does not contain chemical substances, no smell, no pollution, long burning time. Advantages of environmental protection equipment is the material carbonization furnace after gasification furnace combustion, flue gas, through the flue gas purification system concerns a wood coke smoke gas impurities after combustion flue gas transmission into the carbonization machine, reaches a certain temperature, carbonization need to add machine material after carbonization, pipeline transmission, so that the material in the carbonization。Combustion of organic compounds requires three points: heat, oxygen and organic matter, because the machine is almost carbonization confined space, can not meet the oxygen demand, so that the material inside the carbonizing machine 800 degrees temperature, after the adjustment will not be on internal conveyor speed of carbonization furnace burning ash, will only burn into charcoal.The carbon is carried through cooling machine, cooling, the carbon when the temperature is only 50-80 degrees, carried out after the carbon in the transportation process, because the carbon into contact with air, if the material density, relatively thick, although no flame surface may have Mars in core material, is also likely to be spontaneous. You need to install mist spray equipment, two cooling on the carbon, to completely eliminate the fire.Waterproof paint industry, shipbuilding industry is the high temperature corrosion of the material is very good. Can be used for chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials and plant nutrition regulation of auxin, growth effect, excellent insecticidal plants. Wood vinegar on food availability and increase fragrant antiseptic, bactericidal anti-inflammatory and medical aspects of the treatment of skin diseases。

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